Inver Hills Community College

Keeping Utility Data Current

You will receive the highest value using the B3 Energy Benchmarking program when you maintain accurate and up-to-date monthly utility bills for all your building sites. The best way to keep your monthly utility billing data current is to develop a clear work flow process that becomes “institutionalized” within your organization.

Inver Hills Community College provides a good case study of how they “institutionalized” updating their monthly utility bill data entry process. Larry Margolis, the CFO at Inver Hills identified that all utility bills are sent to his accounts payable department. Instead of having these bills sent on to the facility department for data entry into B3, he tasked an accounts payable clerk, Sarah Hoepner that enters the utility cost data into their billing system to enter consumption and cost data into B3 at the same time. Sarah spent an hour to learn how to enter the correct information from each utility bill into the B3 program for all energy utility meters. The training included highlighting and labeling the required data to be entered into B3 on a set of current bills. The campus has 14 buildings and 8 different utility meters. When the bills come in each month Sarah enters both costs and consumption data for each of the 8 utility bills into the B3 program. The total data entry process into the B3 program takes her less than 20 minutes each month. 

To review, the steps this organization took to enter monthly energy bill data included:

  1. Identify who in the organization receives the monthly utility bills and enters into their accounting system.
  2. Train that person on how to enter accurate information into the B3 program. Take a set of actual utility bills and highlight and label the data fields to enter into the B3 program.
  3. Provide the utility bill data owner with user name and password credentials to enter data into B3 program.
  4. Enter both consumption and cost data directly from the utility bill into B3 when it is received each month.


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