Features and Benefits

The goal of B3 Benchmarking is to help you improve the energy management of your buildings. Because you cannot manage what you don’t measure, start measuring today!

When using B3 Benchmarking, you:

  • Have your “arms around” the energy usage for your organization’s buildings, defined in a uniform, fair, and easily-understandable manner.
  • Systematically determine the best building candidates for improvement and investment.
  • Measure the actual energy savings achieved from conservation investments.
  • Know where and how large the potential energy savings opportunities are.
  • See buildings ranked by performance, thereby allowing you to understand which buildings should get energy efficiency improvements first and maximizing the effectiveness of limited investment resources. Using a building energy benchmarking approach to finding which buildings to improve can nearly double the return on investment in capital expenditures as compared to a program that selects building improvement projects at random.
  • Help facilities managers operate their buildings more effectively by providing on-going, on-demand analysis of how your buildings currently compare to a baseline year of operation.
  • Track the success of efficiency investments made in individual buildings and report back on that progress as time goes on.
  • Have an orderly and credible “road map” plan for managing improvements and investments in all buildings over multiple years and multiple funding cycles.

You may have tried monitoring energy usage in spreadsheets in-house, but analysis and comparison capabilities are limited. B3 Benchmarking offers complete analysis of building energy performance.

Task B3 Benchmarking Spreadsheet tracking
Benchmark energy model comparison
Peer comparison
Analysis of over 60 space usage types
Baseline tracking over time
Building versions (building additions, remodels, etc.) monitoring
Weather normalization
Sub-meters tracking
Energy fuel source analysis
Dynamic reporting
Project verification
Target tracking
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